Johnson and his team of consultants collaborate with clients to find creative solutions that are a combination of appropriate designs and illumination requirements for any type of interiors in both residential and commercial settings. The consultation can either take place at the showroom or on-site, and at no extra charge.“The single biggest error you can commit in any decorating project is in using the wrong lighting.” Reveals Johnson. “But with the right light, a room can change from ho-hum to heavenly while putting the room’s details in the best possible light.”

Top Chandeliers come in a myriad of styles, sizes and materials. They can be used in almost any room in the home but the choice should team well with the interior decor.

BOTTOM Johnson Design’s team of consultants works closely with client to come up with renderings and CAD details of lighting schemes for any type of interiors, regardless of the size of the budget.




Nature of Bussiness

  • Specialises in lighting and decorative switches.
  • An array of lighting fixtures and fittings, ranging from classical
  • chandeliers, pendant lights in geometric stylised 60s to contemporary
  • standing lamps in streamlined silhouettes.
  • On-site lighting consultation at no cost to clients.
  • Custome-made lighting.

Our Team

Professional Lighting Designer
Born in 1979 in Ipoh

Graduated from a professional school of design, Johnson is currently working as a professional lighting designer. He has been involved in the design of advertising media and specializes in lighting design in 1999.